Antariksh Tales – Submission Guidelines


Antariksh Tales is an anthology dealing with adventures in outerspace. It is NOT specifically a science-fiction anthology, so don’t restrict yourself to just that genre. A story about an inter-galactic dragon would fit here just as well as one about wormholes and first contact.

Each story also needs some Indian connect. We’re interested in putting out comics with a local flavour to them, and anchoring them to our sub-continent.

As for the length of the comic, four pages is the sweet spot, but two pages up or down is fine.


1) Are you a writer?

Pitch me some concepts! DO NOT send me a complete script at this point. Save your time, and get working on that only once we can agree on a story.

2) Are you writer who works with an artist?

Great! Along with #1, send me links to some stuff the two of you have already done.

3) Are you an artist?

Mail me a link to your portfolio. Black & white work is what I’m looking for. Pages with sequential art would be very helpful! I can pair you up with a writer, depending on the story requirements.

4) Are you an artist who writes?

Great! Refer to #1 & #3.


Writers will get a royalty of rs 2 per 4-page comic, or multiples there-of, per issue sold.

Artists will get a royalty of rs 4 per 4-page comic, or multiples there-of, per issue sold.

A proportionate royalty will be given for ebooks and reprints.

You hold the rights to your story, characters and art.

We will have exclusive worldwide publishing rights for one-year, from the date of first publication.

Post-that, we will have worldwide non-exclusive print rights.

Send submissions to, with Submission: Antariksh Tales as the subject.


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